Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Popular Sleeve Tattoo Ideas and Tips

One of the most popular types of tattoo is the sleeve tattoo. These tattoos are not just arm tattoos, like what most people know. The designs of sleeve tattoos are very intricate and complicated. If you are also planning to get a sleeve tattoo for yourself, here are some popular sleeve tattoo ideas.
If you are into Japanese culture, you can combine different popular Japanese tattoos for your sleeve tattoo such as cherry blossoms, kanji or Japanese characters, koi fish, and samurai designs. Old Japanese culture includes ancient tattooing. For females who want to have sleeve tattoos, floral design is a great sleeve tattoo idea. Flower sleeve tattoos also give you a chance to use bright colors for the flowers. Some nice flower tattoos that you can use for your sleeve tattoos are hibiscus and roses. Celtic tattoos usually feature knotworks that are very intricate and detailed. Some artists can draw animal tattoos using these knotworks. One of the most popular sleeve tattoo ideas, especially among young men, is the tribal tattoo. Sleeve tattoos are nice to have especially if you like the big kind of tattoos that cover one big portion of your arms or legs.

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