Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dragonfly Tattoos

Dragonflies are beautiful creatures who seem to have a certain mystical qualities, perhaps because of their resemblance to what is imagined fairy looks like, or perhaps because of the ancient Asian myth that a dragonfly is a virtue, including happiness, success and victory among other positive aspects.

Dragonfly tattoos are also enjoyed by men and women, not like a butterfly and fairy art work is most often seen in women only.

Checkout this cool pictures that will definitely give you some great ideas for the work of a dragonfly tattoo.

Dragonfly tattoos are very rangy in Both the style and size, as We see A Few of excellent designs above, one being a large back piece and another much Smaller pic.Dragonfly ankle tattoos are very thin in both style and size, as we see some designs very good on top, one large piece and the other pic back ankle is much smaller.

Some other common locations include the foot, which is perfect for very small tattoos, and the hip which is popular among girls.

The is no color restrictions for this type of tattoo, in fact we've seen just about every color under the sun, but perhaps more commonly, blue, purple, green and black ink are used.

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