Sunday, June 19, 2011

Celtic Butterfly Tattoos

Where do Celtic Butterfly Tattoos come from?

Celtic culture revolved around its strong links with nature, from the humble rock to the beautiful butterfly the Celts featured everything in their rich tradition. To the Celts a butterfly was a strong symbol of reincarnation and evolution. Peace, elegance and beauty all positive elements held highly in Celtic society were epitomized by the butterfly. These pagan foundations have carried through into modern society with Celtic Butterfly Tattoos.

What goes into the design of Celtic Butterfly Tattoos?

Knot designs were evolved into butterfly shapes, this pagan tradition is used to this day in Celtic Butterfly Tattoos. Celtic knot-work patterns were developed by the Celts originally, later monks carried on the work inherited from their ancestors. Using the method of knotting and applying it to a butterfly enable artists to create Celtic Butterfly Tattoos. A never-ending flow of rope forms the body and wings, twining inside and out to form the detail. Where can I find Celtic Butterfly Tattoos?

Experienced tattoo artists will have no problem replicating a design they are presented with. A good method is to take time to research Celtic Butterfly Tattoos, to ensure a unique and appropriate design is found.

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