Friday, June 24, 2011

John Mayer Tattoos

EXPERIENCE heartbreak turned out to be one inspiration for John Mayer (32) in creating the songs. At least this is evidenced by the creation of the song "Daughter" from this typical voiced singer, he made after several unsuccessful attempts to explore the relationship with the woman he loves.
The song made Mayer appealed to the fathers in order to maintain good relations with their daughter. Not without reason if Mayer insert "advice" for fathers through the songs contained in his album titled "Heavier Things" is. Because the singer that a career in the music world since 1998 was admitted often face problems with her boyfriend earlier, just because her boyfriend has a problem of "trust" with the father.
"I never really loved a woman, but the problem he could not trust me. After I find out the cause, it turns out he had a problem with his father, "says Grammy Award winner, as quoted
Mayer also thinks, attitudes and treatment of the fathers against mothers or women in his life, to some extent will affect the mindset of their daughter in choosing a mate. "I dedicate this song to his father. Good-well with your daughter because I can not love a girl with problems like that, "said Mayer who had a serious relationship with Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Jessica Simpson, which ended with all three separations.

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