Sunday, January 23, 2011

Anarchy Tattoos
Usually decorated with a capital “A” wrapped around with an “O”; “A” is for anarchy and “O” is for order. When they are combined they mean “Anarchy is Order”. Most of the people who get this type of tattoo see themselves as outliers of the acceptable society and do not adhere to the social norms. The anarchy symbol has been used by many different types of groups over the years including punks and members of the gay community. Today many people who wear the anarchy tattoo oppose globalization and the capitalist market and instead promote a more environmentally friendly lifestyle

Anarchy Tattoos
Anarchy Tattoos
Anarchy Tattoos
Anarchy Tattoos
Anarchy Tattoos
Anarchy Tattoos

Monday, January 17, 2011

Juliette Lewis Tattoos

Juliette Lewis is a talenetd American actress and singer-songwriter, known for her role in the movie Cape Fear and Natural Born Killers, also known as the singer of rock band Juliette and the Licks.
The lovely actress/singer also has a cute little bunny rabbit tattoo on her left wrist, which she calls My Melody. Plus a small heart on her upper back.
has three confirmed tattoos which we known about, including an unknown design on her right butt cheek.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Angelina Joliet Tattoo's (wanted)


When it comes to celebrity tattoos, there are two approaches that people consider. The first is to emulate a design that is similar to their favorite movie star, athlete, or musician.

The second approach is to actually pay homage to a celebrity by inking their likeness onto their body. For this reason, people are constantly keeping a lookout for the latest trends in celebrity tattoos.

As you scan your favorite magazine, television show, or film, the lives of celebrities unfold to the point that you are able to pinpoint each and every time they mark their body with a new tattoo. While you may or may not desire the same exact tattoo, their choices may encourage your creative juices and help you explore what you want out of a design.

Outside of athletes and musicians, one of the more popular tattooed celebrities is Angelina Jolie, who has influenced many to explore the world of tribal tattoos, with the dragon, tiger, and foreign writing found on her shoulders and arms.

While movie stars are rather influential in the trends of tattooing, the choices of musicians are followed as well. An assortment of R&B artists, hip-hop, and rock stars are often scrutinized for the various creations they display. For example, the "Thug Life" tattoo that Tupac showcased on his stomach has inspired numerous tattoo designs over the years.

While the tattoos that celebrities select have persuaded many to follow the same path, it is the accomplishments or connections that fans make with these stars that also influences tattoo designs. Music is a powerful source of healing, which has encouraged some to tattoo their favorite artists onto their body in remembrance of their heartache, pain, and triumph.

Some celebrity tattoos are meant to celebrate life and the things that mean the most. A musician may choose a tattoo of Mozart, while a painter may side with Van Gogh. Additional celebrity tattoos that are quite popular include Marilyn Monroe, Anna Nicole Smith, Michael Jordan, and Bruce Lee.