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Simple tattoo

Little Butterfly and Flower Tattoo During

Little Butterfly and Flower Tattoo During

Shogun Tattoo Desgin
A Japanese tattoo desgin of shogun.
Japanese Tattoo desgin
A Japanese style tattoo desgin .This simple black and white

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sexy Upper Back Tattoos

And one of the more popular tattoos are the upper back tattoos and for a good reason. The upper back is a very nice location for all tattoos because it is flat and has a lot of area to work with. You can put smaller stylish tattoos around the upper back or you can extend a full back tattoo up to the neck or arms.

In fact, going with an upper back tattoos is a great way to get started if you don’t have one yet. And I say this because the upper back seems for most folks, the least painful part of the body to place a tattoo on. However, I’m NOT saying it won’t be uncomfortable or painful! It depends on the person and the threshold for pain.

Another good reason for an upper back tattoos if of course that you can hide it with clothing so your boss or the world doesn’t see your ink when you don’t want them to see it.

Some folks prefer to have a medium sized tattoo placed on their shoulder blade area. You could even use both shoulder blades and create a mirror imaged tattoos for great effect. Those tattoos could be butterfly wings, angel wings, fairy wings or other similar tattoo designs. Another way to do it is to place these mirror imaged tattoos on either side of your spine. When done right, it is a beautiful pattern to show off.

Many guys prefer to use the shoulder blade area for symbolic tattoos. It can be animal tattoos or other tattoos that symbolizes the family, membership, beliefs or strengths. Something that reinforces the guy’s personal identity.

Hermione Granger's Time Turner100% Pashmina/Cashmere Classic Plaid Tassel Ends Long Scarf Shawl - Various Colors AvailableStar Wars Force FX Lightsaber Darth Vader

Full Body Tattoo is Sexy

Full Body Tattoo is Sexy. It’s a very interesting tattoo art as shown below, this woman full body tattoo religion adherents, but not like other tattoo, tattoo on this woman has a story and meaning of each ink etched into her body.

The Top Italian Symbols That Make Great Italian Tattoos

Italian tattoos are very popular today and for good reason. Italy is a country filled with history, charm and romance. Here are the top Italian Symbols that Make Great Italian Tattoos.

Probably most the most popular of Italian symbols is the national Italian flag. It can be featured as a tattoo in so many different way to make it unique yet still highly recognizable. This flag consists of three vertical bands of equal width in the colors of green, white and red. The green band is located on the hoist side.




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3d Tattoo

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Mold Sun tan into painless Tattoos

Sun tan or Sun Tattoo which word increases your curiosity? I know, it is Sun Tattoo. It will be so good to tattoo your skin without pain but the sweet pricks and humming of the tattoo gun will surely be missed.
People deliberately sleep under sun to tan their skin, how about taking that tan in a shape of a tattoo design? Looking back into few years, Jose Marin Pares, from Barcelona, noticed a sun brown trace on the wrist that was left behind by his wrist-watch. He thought this concept can be used to make tattoos with the help of stickers. He materialized his idea and cut various tattoo designs in shape of stencils to sell at his official  To get these tattoos onto your skin simply, remove the internal holes of the tattoo sticker. Carefully remove the sticker from the stencil and stick the stencil on the skin. Bake yourself in sun or use UV rays for two hours per day for 4 to 5 days. Remove the stencil and there you with a brown visible invisible tattoo.

Sun Tattoo

Wang UV tattoo stencil

Recently, a Chinese designer, Yu-Chiao Wang, has designed a soft stencil which will do the same work as Mr. Pares’ stencils with the difference of size - Wang’s stencil is bigger. However, her concept sun-tattoo stencil is yet to hit the market but is eagerly awaited by tattoo freaks.

Darker Side

Every coin has two sides, similarly, every tattoo has duo-effects–good and bad. Perhaps, these tattoos are painless but they are temporary and last for only 3-4 months. Moreover, due to regular exposure to UV rays there is a risk of skin cancer. Actually, ultraviolet radiation in sunlight creates free radicals that damage DNA in skin cells and cause abnormal growth, which later leads to skin cancer. Insufficient internal antioxidants can prevent that damage. If you don’t have them then Sun Tattoo is not your cup of tea!
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Before You Tattoo Slideshow: Tattoo Types, Safety, Removal (2)

Tattoo Risks: Allergic Reaction
Some people develop allergic reactions to tattoo pigments -- especially red pigments. The woman in this picture developed an allergic reaction to the red pigment used in her cosmetic lipstick tattoo. Tissue injury and inflammatory reactions to dyes or metals into the skin can occur. Occasionally a contact dermatitis can happen.

Tattoo Removal
Tattoos can be removed. Sometimes, particularly if the tattoo was done only in black, the results can be quite good. But often the skin cannot be restored to its original color or quality.

Tattoo Removal Techniques
There are three basic techniques: cutting away the tattooed skin, dermabrasion (rubbing away the tattooed skin with an abrasive device), or laser removal. Most doctors prefer to use lasers. The tattoo shown here was removed via laser; the scar below it was left from dermabrasion removal. Some color inks are harder to remove than others and repeated visits are required; permanent tattoos may never be gone entirely. The FDA warns people NOT to use any of the many available do-it-yourself tattoo removal products. These products contain acids and can cause harmful skin reactions. The FDA suggests that people seeking tattoo removal see a doctor, not a tattoo artist.

Tattoo Removal: What To Expect
Different lasers are used on different tattoo colors to break down the pigment into small particles that can be eliminated from the body. Immediately after treatment, the skin under the tattoo may whiten. More normal skin color usually appears in time.

Tattoo Removal Risks: Allergic Reactions
Lasers break down tattoo pigments, raising the possibility of allergic reactions. In the heart tattoo shown here, each of several different laser treatments caused the same blistering reaction. Fortunately, the blisters got better with routine skin care.

Tattoo Removal Risks: Scarring
Not every tattoo comes off perfectly. This picture shows scarring caused by attempted laser tattoo removal.

Even Temporary Tattoos Have Risks
A popular alternative to permanent tattoos is temporary tattooing with henna-based ink painted on the skin. But as this picture shows, even these tattoos can cause allergic reactions. WARNING: Stay away from "black henna" or "blue henna" tattoos. The blackening may come from coal tar, which often causes severe allergic reactions. And even normal, vegetable henna is approved by the FDA only for hair coloring, not for skin decoration.

Before You Tattoo Slideshow: Tattoo Types, Safety, Removal

The Truth about Tattoos
If you haven't noticed, tattoos are popular. Already, 25% of 18- to 30-year-olds have a tattoo. In the next few years, 40% of this age group will have a tattoo. If you think tatts are a guy thing, think again. Up to 65% of tattoo bearers are women. But before you ink, learn more about tattoos – why people get them, the health risks involved, and your removal options if you change your mind.

Types: Amateur Tattoos
Amateur tattoos are made by individuals or their friends by jabbing ink, charcoal, or ashes under the skin with a pin. They lack the artistry of professional tattoos. And because such tattoos are done under unsanitary conditions with unusual pigments, there is a much higher risk of infection.

Types: Cultural Tattoos
Cultural tattoos are applied via traditional methods to members of certain ethnic groups. They may serve ritual, societal, or cosmetic functions.

Types: Professional Tattoos
Professional tattoos are applied by registered artists using a tattoo machine -- the term many artists prefer to the slangy "tattoo gun."

Types: Cosmetic Tattoos
Tattoos may be used as "permanent" make-up, such as eye and lip liner, lipstick, blush, eyebrows, or hair imitation. Because tattoos do fade over time, the procedure must occasionally be repeated to keep colors fresh.

Types: Medical Tattoos
Medical tattoos are not decorative, but are placed for medical reasons:
* Patients with medical conditions or chronic diseases, such as diabetes, may use a tattoo to alert health care workers in case of an emergency.
* Doctors often use tattoos to mark specific sites for repeated application of radiation therapy.
* After breast reconstruction surgery, a tattoo may be used to simulate the nipple. This use may also be considered a cosmetic tattoo.

Types: Traumatic Tattoos
Traumatic tattoos occur during injuries, when dirt or other materials get imbedded in the skin. Examples include "road rash" from bike accidents or "pencil-point" tattoos (like the one shown here) from pencil punctures.

Safe Tattooing Tips
* Don't drink alcohol or take drugs (especially aspirin) the night before or while getting a tattoo.
* Don't get a tattoo if you're sick.
* Make sure all needles are removed from sterile single-use package before use.
* Make sure the studio has sterilization equipment to clean instruments after each use.
* Make sure the artist washes his hands and puts on sterile gloves; many tattooists are required to take training in the prevention of bloodborne illnesses.
* Make sure the work area is clean and clear of nonsterile objects (water bottles, purses, etc.)
* Get a list of the specific pigments used, including color, manufacturer's name, and lot number.
* After getting a tattoo, carefully follow healing instructions -- including use of antibiotic ointment.

Tattoo Risks: Infection
Whatever type of tattoo you get, there are risks involved. The most serious risks are life-threatening infections, such as HIV or hepatitis C, from unclean needles. Other infections, such as a staph infection called impetigo or MRSA (shown here), or deep-skin infection cellulitis may develop. It is important to note the FDA has not traditionally regulated either tattoo inks or tattoo removal, but is currently studying the issue.

The Symbolism of the Cross Tattoo Meaning

The cross tattoo meaning centers around the culture of its origins, the time frame of its original design, and the personality of the person who has one applied. While the cross tattoo symbolism is mainly regarded by people as being of religious origin, it actually has roots in the Pagan world. The cross tats meaning has a variety of origins; the people who choose them usually do so for the same reasons. Those reasons are based on religions, traditions, cultures, and simple liking of the intricate designs.
  • Ex-bf's cross

Latin Cross Tattoo
Cross tats meaning for those of the Christian Faith, centers on the crucifixion of Christ. His death on the cross, and resurrection are the backbone of their belief systems. The Latin cross skin image meaning forms around its structured design of three equal points of the cross placed on a long downward pointing point. This cross tattoo is usually depicted as rough wood, and is empty; unless the person chooses to add embellishments of a draped cloth, or a crown of thorns hanging from the top point. Sometimes the cross tattoo meaning is shown with the sign that declared Jesus the King of the Jews. Meaning of these tattoos is further carried out by depicting Christ still hanging on the cross; this is usually worn by more orthodox Doxology, such as those of the Catholic faith, and features a cross that is a crucifix.


Celtic Cross Tattoo
Celtic Cross Tats
The Celtic cross tattoo is based on the Druidic version of the Pagan cross which pre-dates the Latin cross. The Celtic cross is designed with four equal points, on two cross names, with a circle placed at the crossing point. The four equal points stand for the natural elements of earth, wind, fire, and water, and the circle for the never-ending circle of life. The cross tattoo is based on the belief that the life and earth are entwined, and are natural in the elements of nature. They are considered a powerful protection symbol, which is doubled when a dragon is placed as a part of the Celtic Knots that form a design that runs through, around, and over the points. Like a maze of beautiful lines that have no beginning, and no end.

  • Celtic Cross

St.Andrews (Saltire) Cross Tats Symbolism

The meaning of the Sal-tire lays in the belief that St. Andrew the first called of the Disciples of Christ, did not feel worthy to be crucified on a cross like the one that bore Christ, so in 69 AD, he was crucified by the Roman's in Patras on a cross in the shape of an X. The Saltire, St. Andrews Cross, is the Flag of Scotland. In 832 AD, King Angus Mac Fergus was in a battle for North Umbria, and it is said St. Andrew appeared to Angus in a vision, and on the battlefield the next day a Saltire, the X shape cross appeared in the sky and spurred on the Scots, and Picts, and caused the other army to flee in fear. Thereafter the St.Andrews cross was the emblem of a free Scotland. The valiant courage of the Scottish people is depicted in the cross tats meaning of the St. Andrews cross.

No matter which cross tats explanation speaks to you, each one can be a thing of beauty when designed and applied by a true artisan of the art of tattooing.

If you are looking for unique, hot and sexy Cross Tattoo Meaning I recommend you have a look at Free Cross Tattoos Gallery. They have 100s of beautiful tattoos for you to look at and get inspired.

Musical Symbol

Musical Symbol: If you're an established (or aspiring) musician, show your love of your art by having a musical symbol tattooed to your lower back. You'll want to make sure to choose a symbol that accurately reflects your art. You could even go for an entire bar of music that specifically impacts you-perhaps one of Mozart's symphonies. That would be a guaranteed conversation starter, especially within the classical music community. Alternatively, you could also decide on a tattoo of a musical instrument, such as a guitar, trombone, or violin.

  • Becci

  • Bass and Treble Cleff Heart Foot Tattoo

  • Gretsch Guitar

  • Mic with Flowers...

  • Music Note Tattoo

Flag Tattoo

The GiftSpeak NowA Christmas Carol

Flag: For many people, patriotism is one of the things they hold the dearest. Love of country is expressed nowhere better than in a tattoo placed lovingly on the lower back. This is a great spot because you may want to hide your nationality while you're traveling; even with the ascendancy of Obama to the presidency, for instance, an American flag is still taboo in some countries. If you place your flag on your lower back, you can hide it whenever you need to.



Maryland Ribs



Welsh Flag

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