Friday, June 24, 2011

Kelly Osbourne Tattoos


Regret is often arrive late. At least, it is now felt Kelly Osbourne (24) about the tattoos on his body. Since he was still a dozen years, this British singer has merajah some parts of his body with tattoos. However, who would have thought if the many tattoos that are owned Kelly, none of which she liked.
Kelly is increasingly known to the public after a role as himself in the reality show "The Osbournes"is, admitted that the decision to get a tattoo on his body, often come in when he was drunk. Now, after a period of rehabilitation from dependence on alcohol, elder daughter of Ozzy Osbourne Roker is, in fact regretted merajah smooth skin with tattoos.
It was exactly what is now the motivation for Kelly, to encourage young people not to imitate him. "Please do not wear a tattoo, because you'll hate it when the old are getting older. I also hate it now, "said Kelly who had successfully re one of singing Madonna hits, titled" Papa Do not Preach "is.
From a number of tattoos he has, Kelly hated the keyboard tattooed on his arm. This Emmy Award-winning admitted that all existing tattoos on his body just to remind him of bad events in his life.

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