Saturday, June 18, 2011

Angel Tattoos Ideas and Meanings

Angel tattoo designs, in most cases, have very special, deep personal meanings to the people who wear them. Origins and meanings

The word Angel has a Latin origin, meaning messenger of God. The main types used for tattoos include guardian angels and fallen angels. Guardian Angels

Some people wear this body art design to signify the connection with their Guardian angel, or a connection with a higher being.

Fallen Angels


Another take on this design is the fallen angel tattoo. The fallen angel has been thrown out of heaven as punishment. It is said that a group of rebellious angels came to earth to mix with mortals. Some people have a fallen angel tattoo to depict their bad streak, or show off their rebellious side.

Combined Meanings

Taking the angel design and combining it with other designs is a great way to personalize your body art. The designs are also popular as a memorial. Combining the angel design with a name, or having the face of the person as the angel's face allows people to make a permanent tribute to someone close. Designs

The style can also cut across tattoo genres, such as a tribal angel tattoo, giving a unique appearance and meaning.

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