Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Celtic Butterfly Tattoos

One of my favorite tattoo designs is the Celtic butterfly tattoo. Although, most Celtic tattoos are traditionally done in mostly black the Celtic butterfly tattoo can be beautifully done in a variety of colors.

Celtic tattoo designs are extremely popular, some being the most widely selected. Typical Celtic tattoos are admired ornaments, which include interlacing patterns, complicated and twisted knots, colors, complex spiral motives, and animals. The intricate designs and meaningful symbolism are what make these tattoos so popular.

The most commonly used symbol by the Celtics in ancient times was the Celtic cross symbolizing unity of the opposite spheres. The Celtic butterfly tattoo's meaning is rebirth and transformation. Because of the complexity of Celtic tattoo designs, I would strongly recommend that you find a tattoo artist who is familiar and has experience specifically with them. Just like every tattoo artist can not do a portrait, many do not have the eye for detail and exact line placement for the Celtic butterfly tattoo. 

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