Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tattoo Lettering - How to Get it Right

Tattoo lettering is often a key component of a successful design. Great lettering can create a spectacular tattoo you will love forever. Here are three tips for perfection when it comes to the lettering of tattoos.

ONE: Spelling, Spelling, Spelling

If you get a tattoo featuring a spelling error, you are in a very difficult situation. Be certain your tattoo artist has an easy-to-read and wholly inaccurate copy of the text to be used. You must get the tattoo lettering right.

TWO: The Right Font and Size

You need to be just as picky when choosing the form of your tattoo lettering. Using a complicated script font for a small tattoo could result in a murky, hard-to-read mess. Tattoo designs using text should be carefully planned to use the right kind of lettering.

THREE: The Right Artist

If you are planning on using a text-heavy design for your tattoo, find an artist who has a knack with lettering. Even though all professional tattoo artists deal in text on some level, some are true artists when it comes to presenting words. That means you'll need to look at samples of letter-heavy tattoos and you'll want to talk with the tattoo artist. Do it right--with great artwork, a perfect tattoo design and absolutely no regrets.

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Executive Summary By Dan Dellison 

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