Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Original Angel Wings Tattoos

There are some truly beautiful angel wings tattoos around at the moment. The ability to transfer the gossamer, delicate & silky texture of an angel's wing into a tattoo design that can be worn for a life-time is; in itself, amazing.

History has made reference to angels as long as there is recorded history. Apart from humans being recorded as having wings, animals have also been depicted as such. At the beginning of this article I describe, gossamer, silky wings but a lot of pictures of angels show their wings to be made of feathers.

There is yet another school that prefers not to stick to fact or stereotypical images of angels wings for their tattoos. They prefer stylised, patterned and abstract, uniquely designed angel wings tattoos.

Tattoos as an art form should be individualistic and original.

The best ones categorise their ranges making searching for angels wings nice & easy too.

The tattoo galleries can even help you with that.

Here's hoping you discover the perfect angel wings tattoos for you!

Executive Summary By Katie S Turner 

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