Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Popularity of Christian Cross Tattoos in a Secular World

Christian cross tattoos are a popular choice for those seeking to be inked, and it is not always the Christians who are seeking out the ancient symbol of faith. Many Christians are young people who are not afraid to buck the system of orthodox religious rhetoric, and they have Christian cross tattoos. The Christian cross tats worn by many people feature the traditional Latin cross, the image of a cross with three equal points, and one longer one. The placing of a purple cloth, draped over the cross beams symbolizes the Royal Lineage of David. Other cross tattoos have the body of Christ still on the cross, this is the crucifix symbol.

For some gangs these tattoos serve as identification for a certain gang.

Whatever the reason for having Christian crosses tats, the symbolism is the same; a belief that they offer protection, deliver a message and make a statement of personal individualism.

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Executive Summary  By Amy Johns

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