Thursday, September 8, 2011

Maori Tattoos - What You Should Know

Traditionally tattoo is used by Maori as a method of individual identification showing a persons heritage. They consist of curved spiral shapes in intricate patterns. To the Maori the "Koru" represents the unfolding of new life or renewal. Traditional Maori designs will generally include sacred symbols. Be aware Maori tattoo patterns symbolize a way of personal identification for the Maori people. Maori tattoo designs are becoming extremely popular all over the world. It is disrespectful to get traditional Maori designs without thinking through the cultural sensitivities. These sacred tattoo designs are not simply for ornamental purposes.

Go out and get your Maori tattoo designed without the symbolic ties. If you are considering Maori tattoo designs you should find an experienced artist who knows about Maori culture and get them to design you a Maori tattoo that has the look of a moko (tattoo design) without the symbolic ties. Personalize your own design by incorporating celtic, tribal and Maori styles into your own absolutely unique piece.

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Executive Summary By Ben Blackmore 

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